Lake Hiawatha Master Plan

Development Meetings

The Parks & Environment Action Group of SENA is working with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to develop a Master Plan for Lake Hiawatha Regional Park. Public meetings will be held to brainstorm on ideas for the Master Plan. The planning process is open to the public and everyone from the Standish and Ericsson neighborhoods is invited to attend and participate as part of the Citizen Advisory Committee. In order to be able to vote on the final plan participants must attend at least two-thirds of the meetings to ensure that they are educated on the issues, listened to other points of view and helped build compromises. This rule also protects participants from an outside, single issue group that could potentially vote against the plan. The meeting dates have been set and are listed below.

Location: All meetings will be held at the Lake Hiawatha Neighborhood Center at 27th Ave. S. and 44th St. E.
Time: All meetings will start at 6:30 p.m.
Dates: October 4, 1999

October 18, 1999

November 1, 1999

November 15, 1999

For more information on these meetings or other Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association programs click the button below or call 612-721-1601.