Links To Sponsoring Websites

The following organizations sponsor the Annual Lake Hiawatha Neighborhood Festival ("the Festival"). The Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association provides funds annually for the Festival. They receive their funds through the Neighborhood Revitalization Program through the Minneapolis Community Development Agency.

Elpis Enterprises Minneapolis Community Development Agency (MCDA)
Neighborhood Revitalization Program Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association

If you are interested in learning more about events and issues in the City of Minneapolis you can find more information at this link. The Park Board has now launched its new web site - give it a look and learn more about all the parks in Minneapolis.

If you wish to provide volunteer or financial support to the Festival you can do so by clicking on the email link at the bottom of this page.

Links To Websites Of Festival / Event Listings

The following websites are also places where the festival is advertised and are great sites to search if you are traveling to find any festivals taking place the place and date you will be visiting:

Explore Minnesota

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activities, tourist attractions, events and restaurants!
worldweb.com_logo.gif Events across the US

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Links To Entertainment Providers

Vertical Endeavors
Fun Characters

Although we now do our own face painting, Fun Characters provides the following services: hair painting, face painting, a clown with balloon animals as well as some small children's games. If you wish to book them for your activities click the link above.

Elpis Enterprises is a youth employment and training program. Young people earn as they learn. This program sustains itself when you buy their products. Elpis will has provided bird houses and bird feeders for kids to make and take home at past festivals. Vertical Endeavors has provided portable vertical climbing wall for past festivals.

Links To Gardening Websites

The following website is a great place to learn more about gardening events, sales and swaps as well as gardening hints. If you have a gardening event such as a sale, swap, demonstration, etc. you can list it at this site for free.

National Gardening Association