Lake Hiawatha Regional Park

2701 E. 44th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: (612) 370-4930
Fax: 612 729-2253

Building Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 3-9pm
Fri: 3pm-6pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Mon-Thurs: 1-7pm
Fri: 1-6pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Center Director: Ryan R. Vossen


The remodeled building is open. Come in and see our great new design. Don't forget to sign up for some of the many park programs at Lake Hiawatha Park.

If you are interested in being a coach or volunteer with the Lake Hiawatha Recreation Council, call the park director at (612) 370-4930 or click the email button at the bottom of this page.

The park is located next to Lake Hiawatha and is a great location for canoeing down Minnehaha Creek. Adjacent to the park is the Hiawatha Golf Course. Lake Hiawatha Park is also the site for the Annual Lake Hiawatha Neighborhood Festival. This Festival is free and open to the public and more information can be found if you click on the Festival button on the top of this page.

Photographs of the 2004 festival were taken by Shirley K. Yeoman, SENA staff.

Photographs of the 2006 festival were taken by Shirley Yeoman and Sybylla Yoeman Hendricks.


Due to budget cuts the parks do not have as much cash to provide treats for parties and events. To provide a great time for kids of all ages consider donating bags of candy, craft supplies or small games to Lake Hiawatha Park. Let's not forget Sibley Park!! Both parks could also use volunteers to help with a variety of events and activities - this would be a great opportunity to volunteer for a short term, one time event. Remember, let's support our local parks!!!

Slide show of photos from the 2002 Festival.


Lake Hiawatha Neighborhood Center hosted public meetings in October and November of 1999 to work on a long range master plan for Lake Hiawatha Regional Park. Items in the master plan included, but were not limited to, new playground equipment, remodeling or enlarging the size of the park building, sports areas, etc. Four meetings were held and a synopsis of each meeting can be found by click on the master plan link above. THE PLAN WAS APPROVED BY THE MINNEAPOLIS PARK BOARD. A COPY OF THE LAKE HIAWATHA MASTER PLAN IS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING AT THE STANDISH-ERICSSON NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION OFFICE (612-721-1601) OR THE ROOSEVELT LIBRARY.

Raise donations for the Festival while shopping.

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